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More About Video Clip
The video clip is taken directly from the 28 minute DVD that we are introducing on this wbsite. Keep in mind that the segment title frame in the Quicktime movie is much darker than on the actual DVD. We haven't had time to fix the problem in the Quicktime movie of the dark title frame and the dark red clocks that appear below the split screen. This is why we display the title frame and working times near the movie link. But, the DVD is just fine.

Having made our apologies...

The clip -- or the time-lapse video segment -- is an honest comparison of the Brush and Roller vs. the Paint Pad in an ideal apartment painting environment. The Camera was set up as close as possible for the two walls to be like mirrors. The video was set in a real --fairly nice -- 2-bedroom apartmemt that was built in the late 1990s (One of the apartment managers we knew was happy to let us use it for our location). In the Roller and Brush portion, Tim hurried as fast as he could (not to be mistaken for the Time-lapse) to make sure that it got a fair shake. The Paint Pad portion was done immediately after the Brush and Roller part. And, it was done on the wall with a little jog in it with an added round metal plate near the base. Both walls were the same length and height. Our producer was surprised when the elapsed time to paint the Paint Pad wall came in near half the time of the Roller and Brush wall. We weren't that surprised because we had enough experience to know the difference -- plus, we had done other comparisons before.

The differences in the video clip between the two methods are this: The Roller and Brush method required placing a runner drop cloth, removal of an outlet plate, masking of baseboard, cutting-in with a brush, rolling the main wall, reintallation of outlet plate (which was accidentally left out in the comparison -- so was not timed), and moving the drop cloth. The Paint Pad method required cutting-in and painting the main part of the wall, all with the same tool (the wall plates were not removed). There was no splatter or drips on the carpet on either side of the screen. Both methods were only recorded once with no breaks, and on both sides was used the same exact paint.

The walls were pre-painted, before the Speed Comparison segment was shot, with a slightly darker paint in order for the camera to pick up some contrast between the wall and the wet paint. We wanted to show a brighter contrast, but we had a limited amount of time to shoot the video and so compromised in order to be sure we didn't have to do a second coat. Both walls looked great when the paint was dried -- they had to, because the apartment was being moved into in a couple of days. The apartment was also picked for the video because it had no slopped paint on any of the woodwork. We wanted it clean to show that we could keep it neat and tidy. The carpets had, also, already been cleaned before we came to do the shoot.

If anyone is interested in the music of the video, Tim and his brother wrote, produced, and performed the music. Click on the MUSIC menu tab on the left to preview (and purchase) a completed album produced by the VOSIKA BROTHERS.
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